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Robotics engineer (closed)

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Robotics engineer with  huge interest in developing the best ever seen vision controlled robot system for the agriculture area. You need to have an interest in learning. Deep learning understanding is good but getting it to do what you want is interesting. You will get the possibility to understand what a top notch vision system with builtin capability to execute AI routines can do. You will need to help to put together a prototype, test it and run demos.

Good to know: soldering, DL, AI, battery design, GPS, laser navigation, biology, crops, herbs, herbicides, tractors,

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Robotics within precision agriculture is a huge area that has much in common with autonomous vehicles but also add the requirement of manipulation of the crops and soil. EKOBOT AB has started to build a robotsystem that will eliminate the need for herbicides by removing weeds automatically. We use artificial intelligence and within the area deep learning to train the system. To use AI is one thing, to enable AI smart and effective is so much more.