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In a nutshell

We're here to unleash the hidden potential in every company and team. We create products and services to help teams to know themselves better and act on evidence-based insights.

Why is this role important to us?

Design is not just a part of Alva, but baked into every step of the way how we build our products and services.

Here, product designers bridge science and engineering into elegant solutions and easy-to-use products.

For us, designers are able to identify the right problems, evaluate and come up with the right solutions and articulate ways to build the right thing.


Generate new concepts quickly based on stakeholder direction, self-driven research or emerging customer needs.

Take broad, conceptual ideas and turn them into sketches, wireframes and detailed prototypes.

Partner with other designers and engineers to oversee the user experience of new features and products from conception until launch (and then some).

You can think at a high level about creative strategy and vision (not just 'how it should look' but 'what we should build').


You have worked for 3+ years building digital products or services.

A link to an online portfolio showcasing your work (include a link on your resume).

You have a great understanding of layout, visual hierarchy and visual language. You know how to apply a design language into different platforms: from emails to native apps.

You know how to listen and engage with customers in the real world. You know how to turn research into action.

You are proficient in mapping experiences, journeys and organizing information. You know how to investigate and evaluate different tools to map an experience.

Ideally, you also

Experience in working with an engineering counterpart

Experience in creating, maintaining and developing design systems.

Ability to adapt your designs across platforms and form factors with an understanding of the opportunities and limitations of different platforms and form factors.

Experience in service design methods and design research.

Demonstrated communication skills and you can articulate your design decisions.

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We're here to unleash the hidden potential in every team