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Senior UX Designer (closed)

Job Description

When joining our design team we would like to see you taking ownership of the backbone of our design process. Providing confidence to the product strategy by compelling research and insights while also transforming these insights into improved usability of the app and additional feature sets.

As we become more data-driven we are combining product development methodologies such as A/B testing with that of ethnographic research. As a UX-designer, you are involved in the whole process, from deriving the right problem to making sure that the solution meets the needs of the user.

As a UX-Designer at Forza, you are comfortable with designing and conducting the right user study at the right time. You have full access to not only meeting users in person but to conduct quantitative studies of user data.

About Forza Football

Forza Football keeps people up-to-date on their favorite football teams and competitions, the app covers well over 500 leagues and competitions in more than 100 countries. The app has over 10 million installs and 2 million weekly active users.