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Internship atThor of Sweden ABStockholm,Sweden

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ToS is on a journey - the aim is to take the company to a completely new level. ToS was established in early 2017 and got the first products - our para cord bracelet - out for launch by autumn 2017. In November 2018 a new owner stepped into the company and now works to bring ToS forward as fast as possible. Up to date we have two product lines (whereof one launched) with in total approximately 20 products. They have been sold in 74 countries mainly through Facebook, where we have 179.000 followers.
Today we are a team around ToS that brings it forward, but to make this a fast and exciting journey we need to be more people, and more of a core team. One thing that we need to increase is the brand awareness and social media marketing, especially through influencers and bloggers.

We need you to take on the role as influence marketer, and in more detail about what we expect from you:
1. Go about to find suitable influencers in our main markets
2. Discuss and negotiate with the influencer to get them to show our products
3. Manage the accounts setup
4. Discuss and learn from other influencer marketers
5. Come with input and design own campaigns with pictures and texts
6. Develop the marketing strategy for the business

This is the core of the internship, but as in any start-up-journey we also want you to be part of all other aspects of running a company from something small to something big, i.e. being involved in photo shoots, input on deals and negotiations, new productlines, future cooperations with e-tailors / retailors, customer support, web development etc.

We believe that a few key words for you to check before applying, do you believe in the following you will probably be a great team member:
- Fashion will always be in fashion
- Work hard - play hard
- Attitude is more important than competence
- Culture eats stratey for breakfast
- Start with why before what and how
- Want to make a difference, for real
- Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are great for meeting customers
- Strong in English and Swedish language, German is a plus
- Sustainability - is important and I want to get the world a better place

For the successful candidate there is obviously a possibility of a future employment!
For any further questions please e-mail at:

If the above sounds thrilling - apply now!

About Thor of Sweden AB

ToS is an fashion business with a mission to deliver jewellery products to the independent, modern, sophisticated and brave individual.

We hand make and hand forge a para cord bracelet, and a bangle braclet line in our forgery outside Stockholm. We mainly meet and greet our customers through social media.

We have used the ancient Mjolnir from the Nordic Mythology and turned into a sleek, unique, scandinavian fashion product - where we have an aim that the one wearing our products should feel strength, determination and selfesteem.