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Trainee at SEB: Business Developer, Life & Pension

Interested in digital business development? Apply to SEB´s trainee position as Business Developer within Life and Pension!

As a trainee in SEB’s International Trainee Programme you will have a unique opportunity to develop an extensive network and a deep understanding of banking and finance as well as being professionally and personally challenged.

You are recruited as Business Developer within Life and Pension, a fast paced area where digitalisation, customer experience and sustainability are key focus in developing SEB´s future solutions and customer offers. You will get an in-depth knowledge of SEB, as well as an option to expand your programme with one month international internship abroad. You will also have the opportunity to influence the content of your trainee programme based on your ambitions and role.


SEB strives to be a workplace that attracts and retains people who want to grow and develop with us, and enjoy helping our customers achieving their goals. We create opportunities for development and want our employees always to feel appreciated, included and committed.

We offer:

- A nine months trainee programme, designed for professional and personal challenges

- Opportunity to work for SEB abroad in connection with the programme (personal option)

- Full-time employment with market salary and access to SEB's employee benefits


Your trainee position:

At Life and Pension your main focus is to develop new, attractive and sustainable solutions and services to meet our customer´s needs. Your core tasks will be market and customer analysis, product and service development, and new business models. You will be involved in the development of tailor-made offers for SEB´s different client segments, such as new advisory tools or other innovative solutions. Since your work will have great impact on our customers, the role also includes presenting project conclusions and recommendations to different management teams in SEB.

From day one, you will work as a Business Developer at Life and Pension, which will be your home unit throughout the trainee programme. Together with your personal tutor you will design a tailor-made learning journey that will include everything from product development to field trips and practical work in units at both the home division and other SEB divisions.

About the International Trainee Programme:

- The trainee programme consists of three main parts: common SEB courses, individual development, cross collaboration activities and on-the-job training.

- The common courses are divided into blocks and include communication & negotiation skills, agile way of working and personal development & self-awareness.

- Exchanges with other units in and outside your home country will be a natural part of the trainee programme.

- You also have the option to add a month´s internship abroad after the main programme.

- You will start the programme in September 2019 together with around twenty other trainees.

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Welcome with your application!

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