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Make digital really work in a physical society

As a trainee, you will work in a team that consists of a Track Owner (responsible for the track as a whole), a Senior Researcher (who is responsible for supervising the Professional Digital Doctorates and the output of the research, among other tasks), and two trainees (including you), as well as a twice-yearly rotating group of students.

As a trainee, you will become part of the newly designed Professional Digital Doctorate (PDD) programme within the Digital Society School. You will both co-create the programme and follow the steps to obtain the first PDD title awarded by the Digital Society School.

The PDD is a practice-oriented doctorate in digital design and is tailored towards industry requirements. It is a two-year post-MSc programme in development, with a strong focus on digital technology and design, partly taken at AUAS and partly carried out within a company. This programme is aimed at recent graduates and mid-career professionals who want to become a transformation designer. You will lead teams and learn about products and processes. The programme is developed and offered by the DSS, in close collaboration with business partners and research groups (including AUAS researchers from various research departments such as the Create-IT Knowledge Centre). As a trainee, you will play a central role in one of the thematic DSS tracks. In the Internet of Everything (IoE) track, we will be designing applied research and practice-based experiments.

For this traineeship, we are looking for enthusiastic recent Master’s graduates who are interested in the broader theme of the Internet of Everything. It is essential that you have relevant technical and design skills as well. You also have excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English. Moreover, you are keen to share knowledge, interested in working in multidisciplinary teams and, most importantly, eager to learn. You have a proven capability of learning quickly, take initiative with a view to productivity and are self-motivated.

As this Professional Digital Doctorate programme is relatively new in the Netherlands and has not yet been introduced in higher professional education (HBO), it requires some flexibility as we embark on this new adventure together. The co-creation of elements of the programme will give you the opportunity to tailor the programme to your ideas and needs.

This position is a combination of researching, teaching/coaching and learning. Your responsibilities will include:
- conducting applied research in collaboration with a senior researcher;
- managing teams of students doing multidisciplinary projects one day a week;
- contributing to the content and output of the Getting Physical in a Digital World track, such as products, prototypes, knowledge, learning materials and publications.

Central to these responsibilities is the personal design challenge on which the trainee works for an industry partner. The DSS offers the trainee a comprehensive educational programme through which the candidate can increase their skills in related areas such as growth hacking, coaching, entrepreneurship or artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Below is a summary of what you can expect from completing the post-Master’s traineeship with the DSS:
- conduct applied research for a social challenge in close collaboration with industry and social consortia;
- develop your own solution (product or service) to that challenge into a working prototype as well as experiments;
- coach student teams participating in multidisciplinary projects within the track;
- teach executives and learners in modules such as hackathons and digital camps about topics related to the track theme;
- learn and expand your skill set in applied research, design and design thinking, entrepreneurship, growth hacking or technology-related topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or visual analytics;
- share your research and knowledge via international platforms, MOOCS and publications.

This position is initially temporary, with the possibility of a two-year contract upon demonstration of satisfactory performance. The activities meet the job description for Teaching/Research Assistant. This appointment is made at an entry level and the salary comes under pay scale 9 (CAO HBO, collective labour agreement for universities of applied sciences). The position is a 0.8FTE traineeship position and we offer a 0.2FTE educational programme for the candidate to follow.

AUAS offers an extensive package of employee benefits, including a generous holiday allowance and payment of a 13th month. Via the AUAS Academy, AUAS also offers excellent opportunities for study and personal development, encouraging employees to continue increasing their professionalism.

a short résumé (1–2 A4), including the results of your Master’s programme as well as the number of years and type of work experience (if applicable);

- motivation (max. 1 A4), explaining why you are interested in contributing to this track specifically; please share your thoughts and demonstrable your affinity with data and design;

- portfolio providing visual evidence of your accomplishments, skills and abilities;

- professional skills related to this position.

Please find here the original vacancy with a link to the application form.

This vacancy will be open for two weeks. Its closing date is 27 March 2018. The interviews are scheduled between 3 and 5 April 2018.

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