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UI/UX Designer (closed)

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We’re looking for a passionate designer and design thinker to help us with some complex UI/UX problems and raise the bar on our collaborative scouting platform called Catalist.


Catalist has two different users with different concerns:

1) Clients who use Catalist as:

- a dealflow management tool

- a search tool for new companies

- a portal to collaborate with our analyst team

2) Analysts who:

- work for multiple clients

- are power users and need different functionality

- need to leave feedback for clients


- You are a passionate designer with a focus on UI/UX for web and mobile primarily but also have a love for beautiful things in general.

- On the UX side understand how our users are using Catalist and how to better meet their expectations and processes

- On the UI side develop a functional, consistent, and beautiful design language for Catalist. This includes complex data presentation (time-series display, sankey diagrams etc).

- You have your own methodology and toolchain that you can integrate into our process. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch – just be able to communicate your ideas clearly.

- Be willing to experiment and not follow what the rest of the crowd is doing.

- Would be great if you had at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS but if you don’t that’s fine too.

- Someone who takes an iterative approach to problem solving – we don’t expect you to be right the first.

- A deep curiosity about why things are the way they are and thoughts on how to improve them.

- We don’t care where you went to school or even what you studied – just be passionate and hard working.

- Show us what you’ve done in the design world.

- A good sense of humor.


- A fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment inside our company and the ability to interface with larger corporates who are our clients. Our staff is a mix of engineering and technology teams and analysts (no, they are not boring) who find great opportunities for our clients. As a designer you’ll have a chance to work with both teams as well as some more traditional design tasks beyond the digital realm.

- Working in a high energy working environment in the heart of Amsterdam

- Free lunches from our homemade salad bar

- Compensation for travel expenses


We want to work and grow with you and create a space where you can refine your creative skills and develop a product with us that requires no explanation for our users.

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