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We need UX help now! We didn’t have much time to develop the UX area and need someone to engage heavily and take the lead! Either as a project (do NOT bother us if you are a consultancy firm!), a paid internship, a school team project, or a possible employment. But we need you now, to analyse and add creative insights and process to the road map.

You are driven by a passion to make usability better and is convinced that everything can be improved between us and our users.

We don't care about age-education-gender or were you are from, we care about that you have an open mind, work hard, accept our startup-state-of-mind, and can deliver insights to make AppJobs more relevant for our users and partners.

We are very flexible when it comes to workplace as we are fully digitalised working, we just want results and we all deliver differently. But with really nice offices in Stockholm/Sweden and Katowice/Poland naturally its nice to have you close. Please come and join us!

Get in contact with us and tell us more about you! We promise to look deeper into who you are than what's tracked in your CV, even though we look for experience. Passion and compassion rules!


We're on a mission to help people get a decent job without the need of a resume or endless application processes. We like to talk about social impact. integration, job terms and fighting unemployment were we want to make a difference. We are doing it on a global basis, so far we are in over 80 cities on 4 continents and are rapidly expanding towards Asia and Africa. AppJobs is the world's gig job comparison site, per city, with ratings-earnings-reviews and services like insurances, tax advice, financing your work gear. Our site is rapidly growing, currently with 3000 sub-pages plus social channels/platforms. We currently have localised versions in English/Spanish/Polish/German/Italian and are paraphrasing to more languages. We are a multi-culti team of sofar 34 enthusiastic entrepreneurial minds 50/50 in gender originating from 21 countries working in english.