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UX designer & graphic designer (closed)

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We believe in the gig economy. We believe in peoples freedom to choose when, where and how much they work. We want to help people to use and develop special talents and get well paid for it, as well as getting time for travelling, hobbies and family. We also believe in simpleness and convenience. 

That's why we're creating Gigway. You can become a part of our team. We need a UX designer and a graphic designer (great if you do both, otherwise 2 ppl) to create the brand and service from scratch together with us. We want people that can work on a freelance/part time hourly basis, but preferably join us for the long run.

The companies behind Gigway is Cruitway and Serendipity Professionals. We have people for business development, sales and IT already in place. 

Job starting asap.

About Gigway

Gigway is a mobile platform for finding gigs and projects, mainly within digital marketing and business. We provide companies with specialised top talent on demand. Job and talent search, legal agreements, salary, invoice, taxes, schedueling, time reports, perks, rating, feedback, portfolio, coaching, community - all in one platform.