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UX Designer (closed)

Job Description

Your Challenge

We build things fast and have a skilled team of developers but lack someone taking full responsibility for the UX and UI of our platforms, i.e. our two apps (B2B and B2C) and our website. You would be working closely with the rest of the development team, consisting of six people, as well as our customers to help us build the most customer-friendly solutions possible.

Responsibilities include

• Design and execute all aspects of user experience and interface design. From workflow, wireframes, UI mockups and prototyping to implementation

• Design engaging and simple experiences for our users, both internal and external ones

• Serve as a key creative voice UX/UI on your projects through all phases of work including discovery, conception and production

• Research and develop new user interface ideas as well as testing and verifying their functionality and the user flow

• Understand and work with internal goals, usability, technical constraints as well as budget and schedule

Necessary skills

• Screen recording tools (e.g. UXCam)

• User Testing

• Wire Framing

• Measuring Product Usage

• Analytics (Firebase, Google, etc.)

Nice to have

• Designing Skills (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)

• Basic JavaScript and/or HTML/CSS skills or any programming familiarity

• Project Management

• Deployment (Google Play Store, App Store)

• Experience in Google Website Optimizer

About Woshapp

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