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UX/UI Designer (closed)

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Hi, we're looking for an UX/UI design intern to join our team here at Bang & Olufsen in the work with the Bang & Olufsen app.

We're a tight-knit cross-functional team working from the loft of the B&O offices in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen.

We use Figma for design. We prefer talking to each other face-to-face over Slack. And we have an exciting road-map for the next 6 months that we need help realising.

For additional information about the position, please contact Senior Graphic Designer Alfred Nerstu on

About Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen develops iconic, innovative audio and video products for consumers and for more than 90 years the brand has been globally renowned for its design, acoustics, and craftsmanship.

Bang & Olufsen was founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, two innovative, young engineers devoted to developing functional and beautiful high-quality audio products.

The long standing craftsmanship tradition and the strong commitment to product innovation and development have made the brand globally renowned for its core capabilities within acoustics, design and craftsmanship.