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UX/UI Designer (closed)

Job Description

Who we’re looking for:

While the title of this role is "UX/UI Designer", you will need to be able to wear a few hats. You should be competent with creative design, user experience, and are happy to receive feedback from and observe customers.

Product design

Our products include the Traitly platform on web and mobile, which users rely on to run their business, as well as our consumer-facing tools that our customers use to help make onboarding personalised and data-driven. Our product also includes our docs, used primarily by developers when integrating with our APIs.

UI engineering

Implement product and marketing designs in HTML, JS, and CSS while pushing forward interactive experiences for our users across Traitly. You’ll work on new and existing products, upcoming launches, and iterative improvements to existing pages and products.

Illustrations can play a key role in making our products and communications easier to use and understand—and helps make our work more fun and memorable. You’ll illustrate experiences across all the work we do, from specific product interactions to marketing and promotional material.

Brand design

Your design will be consistent with our brand guidelines. We are currently developing an exciting new brand. You will have an opportunity to develop and nurture our representation.

Who you will work with

You will work directly with our engineers and product people. As a small organisation, your contribution will be significant and your work will have a direct impact on our user experience, as well as the user experience of thousands of other companies' software.

What we are looking for

We’re currently only looking for candidates with some industry experience. As our first in-house designer, you will be responsible for designing a great user experience delivered via web and mobile. You will ensure that our brand representation is consistent across all touchpoints, and you will create clear and compelling marketing and promotional material.

We’re looking for people interested in working in a fast, collaborative way where the expectations for each individual are high.

To do well at Traitly, you must be a clear and effective communicator.

While we value education, it is only part of a person's experience. Industry experience and proof of work are equally meaningful to us.

We’re very interested in building a team consisting of people with a wide range of experience, backgrounds, and interests.

Please include a link to previous work.

About Traitly

We are a small, hard-working team on a mission to redefine how digital product companies educate and manage their customers throughout the entire customer journey. Our platform enables SaaS companies to improve conversion and retention of their products using artificial intelligence. The solution connects to all major third-party services. The client set up takes a matter of minutes.