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Visual Design Internship (closed)

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You’re hungry, looking for the perfect place to jumpstart your career; we’re looking for fresh talent with great skills. As a visual design intern you will have the opportunity to hone your talent to perfection, working side by side with the best people in the business.

During the internship you will be under the supervision of a senior designer, someone who will guide and coach you. So, do you think that you’ve got what it takes? Do you believe that you are the one? Well, all you have to do now is convince us, by sending an awesome portfolio and a sizzling motivation. P.S. We can’t acknowledge that we respond well to bribes but cookies never hurt anyone…

But don’t send your kickass portfolio just yet, because we want you to really understand what you are committing to. We’ve been around for twelve years now and during that time we’ve discovered that there’s such a thing as the Born05 DNA. Among other things, this means that:

We do seriously good work without taking ourselves to seriously. 
We have 5 basic principles we live by:
• Quality always beats the snot out of quantity
• Everybody is creative (yes, you too)
• We do things together
• Hi problem, meet solved!
• Have fun, keep your chin up and respect the people around you

All our work, everything we do, revolves around the customer journey. We’re not going to explain the entire concept here, but basically: the end user is the overlord. Just keep that in mind. If you join us, you will be an end-user-centric-journey-model-expert in no time.

Do you want to work for top (inter)national brands? Curious about what you can accomplish in six months? So are we. Ready to dive in? Send your motivation and (online) portfolio to

We’re looking forward meeting you!

- 6 Months
- Fulltime
- Education level: MBO+ / HBO

About Born05

We are strategists and storytellers, craftsmen and pixel lovers, creative professionals, game geeks and everything in between. All in the same building, working across disciplines. Because we believe innovation starts when we work as a team. So every step is connected.