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Web Developer (closed)

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Nordic Tech House is looking for a frontend wizard with phenomenal skills in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript components of websites built on the most common CMS and e-commerce platforms. You will be part of our growth hacking team, meaning you will work closely with data analysts, creative marketers, project managers and many other roles to deliver extraordinary customer value.

Nordic Tech House is a digital accelerator working with both startups and more established companies giving you the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment. All work will be on-site from our office at Stureplan, Stockholm. We believe you are someone who strongly takes pride in what you do, seeking excellence, and is always looking for personal development.

You are expected to be an awesome person who works well with others, can talk directly to clients, and can self-manage on projects where you may be the only developer. You will work on creative projects where you are expected to speak up when you see room for improvement, implement rich transitions and animations of your own devising, and, above all, execute builds that match and improve upon source designs. You should have an eye for aesthetics that demands the correction of too-wide padding, inconsistent font sizing, and scaled-up images.

We also want you to propose new technologies you think we should adopt and help us keep up with the best standards of our industry. You should enjoy teaching others and sharing knowledge with the rest of the team. We challenge you to suggest and implement organizational changes that will increase your happiness.

The Web Developer's Responsibilities will include:

- Taking static Photoshop/Sketch files and creating fully responsive websites

- Building and troubleshooting new and existing applications using CSS and HTML

- Utilizing Javascript and jQuery to make sites responsive

- Developing CSS animations

- QAing live sites for multiple browsers and devices

About Nordic Tech House

We are Nordic Tech House, a digital accelerator. We boost existing products and services, and incubate new ones. Nordic Tech House operates in the realm between human needs and digital opportunities, a place where change is always present. Still, change will never be as slow as it is today.

We don’t have clients. Instead, we form strategic partnerships with companies and entrepreneurs. Together we share mindset and ambition, risk and reward. We believe that skill, speed and collaboration are crucial for growth. Why? Simply because there are no time for errors in the fast lane.