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We have quite many roles to fill, and given that you aim to be part of building something GREAT - and that you are willing to go out of your way to make that happen - it is likely that we have a role that will fit you perfectly. 

Before you contact us, please read our story below and check if you would like to work for a company like us.

We are Instabridge - a global WiFi sharing community - and our biggest challenge is to make it super easy, motivating and fun to find and connect to free WiFi for our users in Brazil (where we have our largest user base.) The users we target might have a very different background than you have. Hence, we are looking for candidates who are highly interested in other cultures, and motivated to listen and learn until you are able to fully understand what our user wants.

We are only looking for candidates who are interested in working for a startup, which means you need to be flexible and like when things can change fast. If you want peace and quiet + the feeling of security (like working for a bank or a big corporation will give you) this job is not for you.

If we hire you, be prepared to get a lot of responsibilities from day 1.

If your future role requires it, we will send you to Brazil to meet our users in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, get to know them and make sure the app is finetuned for their needs. 

Check for the roles we've listed so far. If none of them fits you, please e-mail your CV to and write in the subject line of the e-mail what title you should have at your next job.

About Instabridge

Founded in 2012, Stockholm based Instabridge works to provide free internet to everyone through our WiFi sharing app. There are 4 billion people that do not have access to internet today, and this is something we want to change.