Content & Creative Lead


Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Full time



Sep 12

As the Content & Creative Lead, you will hold a pivotal position in our organization, guiding the direction of content creation, management, and distribution to resonate with our valued audience genuinely. This multifaceted role entails leading content strategy, creation, and production. You will actively engage in hands-on content creation, which includes tasks like photography, editing, graphic design, digital advertising formats, photoshoot coordination, and adept agency management when needed.

Your Unified Contribution:

In this influential capacity, you will embody our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier content quality and authentic brand representation. Your influence will span a diverse content strategy, encompassing articles, videos, infographics, and social media content across various platforms. Your creative prowess will engage and captivate our audience, fostering profound connections. Your expertise will radiate through various touchpoints, from Tanrevel's e-commerce platform and customer sites to point-of-sale materials, print advertisements, and the dynamic landscape of social media channels. Your mastery of both static and video content will create lasting impressions, sparking connections that resonate long after they're experienced.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Content Strategy & Creation:

You will spearhead the development of a comprehensive content strategy, crafting captivating articles, engaging videos, informative infographics, and dynamic social media content. Your creative touch will foster deep engagement, resonating with our audience across various platforms

Production Management:

Leading the charge in content production, your adept project coordination skills will come to the forefront. You will be accountable for the end-to-end content creation process. From ideation and meticulous planning to seamless execution and widespread distribution, you will orchestrate a cohesive workflow. Collaborating with writers, designers, videographers, and other content creators, you'll ensure the timely delivery of content that maintains our uncompromising standards of quality.

Quality Control:

Your thorough attention to detail will serve as the cornerstone of content excellence. You will meticulously review and ensure that every piece of content not only meets our rigorous quality benchmarks but also adheres to our brand guidelines. By doing so, you will guarantee that each creation effectively communicates our core messages and resonates with our audience.

Performance Analysis:

Regularly delving into content performance metrics across diverse platforms, you'll gather invaluable insights. Armed with data-driven observations, you'll refine content strategies to enhance engagement metrics. Leveraging these insights, you will fine-tune content for optimal results, ensuring that each piece contributes significantly to our goals.

Collaboration and Communication:

Effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather insights, align content priorities, and ensure a consistent brand voice across all content.

Budget Management:

You'll be responsible for managing the content production budget and allocating resources efficiently to maximize content impact while staying within financial constraints.


★Content Engagement and Effectiveness

★Content Quality and Consistency

★Project Timelines and Efficiency

★Collaboration and Communication Effectiveness

★Budget Adherence and Resource Optimization

You'll report directly to the acting Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This role involves occasional travel, with estimated travel needs of less than 10% of your working time.

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Why are we doing this? 

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What we offer

Step into the dynamic world of a startup at Tanrevel, where your drive can truly make waves. While we entrust you with significant responsibilities, it's not all work; we cherish the fun times too. Nestled in the heart of Stockholm at Östermalm, our office is more than just a workspace. Joining Tanrevel is embarking on an exhilarating growth journey, brimming with promising career prospects.

When & where:

The position is full-time. The starting date is during 2023 (by agreement). The place is located at our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Feel aligned with our vision? Don't hesitate. We're processing applications continuously, striving to respond swiftly. Let's revolutionize beauty together.

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