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Obuntu Foundation is looking for a Communications & Marketing Intern to join us on our quest to build the support ecosystem for Africa-focused Emerging Fund Managers. These Emerging Fund Managers are operators, founders, and investors setting up their very first VC Firms. It’s a unique role, as whoever we hire will be helping us craft and execute our communication strategy

  • 🌎 Location: Remote (If possible Onboarding + ramp up time to be done IRL)
  • 📝 Job type: Part-time
  • 📆 Duration: 6-8 Months
  • 💰 Salary: Unpaid
  • 💪 Core Skills: Brand Strategy, Content Writing, and Analytics


🌍 Obuntu Foundation is on a mission to advance the next generation of Africa-focused Emerging Fund Managers. We believe Emerging Fund Managers, many who were founders and operators in Africa, are uniquely positioned to drive superior, inclusive returns for the continent while driving capital to underrepresented founders, geographies, and opportunities. So we're building Obuntu Foundation to be their support ecosystem, to give them the knowledge, community, and resources they need to succeed.

🤔 Why We Exist

  • There’s still not enough capital to back amazing entrepreneurs across Africa. Africa’s VC total funding was US$6.5B in 2022. India saw funding of $20.9B in 2022. Africa’s VC industry is young but it has grown substantially in the last 5 years
  • Many investing in Africa don’t have Africa experience. Today, much of VC investing in Africa is led by teams not dedicated to Africa (50%), with zero Africa experience (30%), and no startup experience (83%). But Africa is unique. With different economics, regulatory environments, digital user behaviour, consumer patterns, local founders have adopted a different perspective to growth and profitability than Silicon Valley, that local investors are best suited to appreciate and resonate with
  • There’s a new generation of VCs emerging. These Emerging Fund Managers have forged their careers on the continent: they’ve founded startups or have helped build them, they’ve worked for other VC firms, and have worked for corporates on the ground

⛑️ What We Do

  • Our flagship initiative is the Obuntu Launchpad Fellowship. It is an invite-only virtual Fellowship for first-time Fund Managers razor-focused on Africa. We select up to 15 Fellows and support them on their journey to launch & accelerate their first investment vehicle
  • In the next few months we’ll deliver the second Class of the Obuntu Launchpad Fellowship (”OL2”) and explore what more we can do to help our Fellows launch & accelerate their first investment vehicle

💫 Our Operating Principles

  • Put our Fellows first. We’re in the business of helping our Fellows launch and accelerate their Fund I. To do that we've got to put them first, and that means fine tuning our listening skills to understand what they need, what challenges they are facing and how we can help. But it also means constantly finding ways to help power their fund entrepreneurs’ journeys
  • Execute. We’re there to support each other but we expect everyone to execute on their stuff. That means ownership, being highly autonomous, and hitting the ground running
  • Strive to do better & be better. We don’t embrace mediocrity/ We don’t settle. We’re constantly learning and challenging ourselves to do better for our Fellows, other stakeholders, and for the Team (we love retros and post-mortems)
  • Good humans only. We’re all putting our hearts into Obuntu Foundation & we care about what we’re building and each other so integrity and trust matter to us. We operate in a relationship-driven industry after all and our word should be our bond. We think horrible human beings cramp our style so there’s no place for them here
  • Prioritise ruthlessly. We’re keen on doing a few things well instead of doing many in a “meh” way. So we focus on our North Star and prioritise our tasks & projects accordingly
  • Validate, don’t assume. We don’t know everything and we definitely don’t hold all the cards. We’re constantly testing & using data to help us guide our decisions and what we focus on
  • Communication is our middle name. We’re a remote-first Team so our default mode is over-communicating and oversharing to keep one another in the loop


❓Why We’re Hiring a Communications & Marketing Intern

Our team’s focus so far has been 100% on creating and running the Obuntu Launchpad Fellowship. We’ve done a good job at it. We’ve run our first Class of Fellows and we’re now running our second. We secured amazing Session Leads like Andreata Muforo @TLCom Capital, Fope Adelowo @Helios Investment Partners, Sheel Mohnot @BTV, etc. We’re constantly working to understand how to best support our Fellows and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Obuntu Foundation went public officially on June 2023, after nearly a year in stealth. We know that if we want to achieve our mission to advance the next generation of Africa-focused Emerging Fund Managers, we need to put our voice out there. As such, we need to:

  • craft a coherent brand and communication strategy that reflects who we are and what we want to achieve, and
  • execute on that strategy, with an eye to continuously test, iterate & improve what we do to make it 10x better and effective.

That’s where you come in:

  • As Communications and Marketing Intern your mission is to help us craft and execute our brand and communication strategy
  • You’ll be working closely with Asta — our Co-Founder leading our brand building efforts, and with SooMin our Community & Operations Associate

🤸 What You’ll Be Doing

  • Content — Help us engage our audience which includes our Fellows, prospective Fellows, topic experts, LPs, and venture capitalists. To achieve this, you'll:
  • keep up to date with news about the Africa tech and the African VC scene,
  • come up with ideas for content that are aligned with our strategy and execute them, and
  • support the Team with diverse content creation, development, & distribution tasks. E.g. Gathering facts/materials for articles & press releases, drafting social media posts for LinkedIn, collating relevant articles & resources for our resource bank for Emerging Fund Managers, drafting posts for Medium, and draft newsletters with curated updates & stories
  • Branding — Brand building is a key priority at Obuntu Foundation. With this role, we expect you to brainstorm with us on how the brand could expand reach. As such, you'll:
  • partner with the Team leading on brand building,
  • support on various community-building events, and
  • ensure all content aligns with the brand's voice and identity.
  • Tracking & Analytics — As a Team, we’re constantly testing & using data to help guide our decisions. You’re in charge of keeping track of what communications & marketing efforts work or do not. You’ll:
  • monitor social media metrics, analyse trends, and
  • use analytics for performance assessment and strategy refinement.
  • Community Management — You’ll help us execute on our community strategy. More specifically, you’ll:
  • help animate our Fellowship Slack, and
  • share interesting articles that might be relevant for our Fellows.
  • Process & Infrastructure Development — We’re always open to suggestions! Growth is everything to us. As such, you’ll:
  • review the Communications & Marketing challenges we face at Obuntu Foundation and help the Team prioritise what we need to improve.

🔎 We’re Looking For Someone That (Has/Is)…

  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Previous experience in content creation, marketing, and/or communications
  • Authenticity, empathy, and a natural talent for creating relatable content
  • Some knowledge of digital marketing channels and strategies
  • Passionate about Africa and/or more widely interested in emerging economies
  • Great interpersonal skills, with the ability to quickly build trust and relationships with our Fellows and other stakeholders
  • Strong attention to detail and organisation skills
  • The ability to operate in a dynamic and constantly changing setting
  • Able to admit when you don’t know something so that you can get help and learn
  • Actively solicits constructive feedback for themselves
  • A bias to action, ie. You ‘get things done’ rather than sit and stew
  • Sets their own goals and operates with high autonomy within a strategic context

*Experience working with "No Code" and automation tools like Airtable, Notion, HubSpot, Zapier, etc., is a plus

And, Some Things We Explicitly Don’t Require

  • To have worked in tech/VC before. You just have to have an interest/passion for it
  • Fit tech/startup stereotypes. We’re actively seeking to build a diverse team

❓ Why Intern at Obuntu Foundation

  • Grow with us. Join a mission-driven organisation at the ground floor with plenty of opportunities to roll up your sleeves and learn
  • Work remotely. We’re a global Team distributed between London, Nairobi, Stockholm and New York City. If you love working remotely, this role is for you
  • No hierarchy, no fuss. We emphasise respect between colleagues, rather than towards your superiors
  • Work with a diverse, experience-rich Team. We are a small, but fantastic Team of 4 made up of ex-Founders, Operators, Investors, and more. Our Team has extensive experience, stretching from companies such as Mozilla, Google, Andela, On Deck, Standard Chartered, Catalyst Fund, as well as government ministries and think tanks.

… But more than anything, you’ll be given the right level of challenge and support to thrive here.

  • We’re always open to feedback and suggestions. Get the opportunity to influence and shape what framework
  • You won’t be left to fend for yourself. We’re very comprehensive when it comes to Onboarding, and the Team will be there to support you throughout your learnings


Apply by submitting your application on this form 👉 here 👈

⚙️ The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process has 4 stages:

  1. The Application Form
  2. A Take-home Task — This is a task we set that will simulate some of the work you might do on the job
  3. Skills-based and Presentation Interview (60 mins) with Soo Min, our Community & Operations Associate, and Asta one of our Co-Founders. The interview will be divided in 2 parts. Part 1 is about your motivation and interest in the role; Part 2 is about your skills — you’ll be asked a few skills-based questions and you’ll present how you’ve approached the take-home task. Here you will get a chance to show off why you’re the best for this role at Obuntu Foundation
  4. Cultural Interview (40 mins) with two of the Co-Founders — This interview is to determine how you work and whether there is a good cultural fit

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