AI Content Generation Intern

Brick Technology

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden Remote


Sales & Marketing


May 23

As an AI Content Generation Intern, you will be responsible for utilizing Chat-GPT and other generative AI technologies to create baseline presentations, SEO texts, and various other content. This internship offers a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of artificial intelligence and content generation, while working in a dynamic and innovative environment. You will collaborate closely with our team of experts to produce high-quality content that meets the organization's requirements.


  1. Utilize Chat-GPT and other generative AI technologies to create baseline presentations, ensuring the content aligns with the desired format and messaging.
  2. Generate SEO texts by leveraging AI tools and techniques, optimizing content for search engine visibility and relevance.
  3. Collaborate with team members to understand content requirements, including tone, style, and target audience, and use AI technologies to produce engaging and informative materials.
  4. Edit and refine AI-generated content to improve readability, coherence, and overall quality.
  5. Research industry trends, best practices, and competitor strategies to enhance content creation processes and stay updated with the latest advancements in AI content generation.
  6. Conduct quality assurance checks to ensure accuracy, factual correctness, and adherence to organizational guidelines and standards.


  1. Currently pursuing a degree in computer science, artificial intelligence, data science, content creation, marketing, or a related field. Applicants will only be considered if the internship can be combined with your studies.
  2. Keen interest in natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI technologies, with prior experience using models like Chat-GPT or similar frameworks.
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to produce high-quality content.
  4. Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  5. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a passion for staying up-to-date with advancements in AI and related fields.
  6. Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize effectively in a fast-paced environment.

We would love it if you have:

  1. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python and familiarity with relevant AI libraries and frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch).
  2. Basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) principles and best practices for content creation.

Duration and Compensation:

This is an unpaid internship, intended for students who have internship periods as a part of their curriculum.

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